Iron Brigade Review: Trenched by Another Name

Double Fine releases the brilliant Trenched on European shores calling it "Iron Brigade." I review it to find out whether or not it stacks up to the challenge.

I logged onto Xbox live the other day to watch the new trailer to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and came across this little gem by the name of Iron Brigade. Looking through the games details I noticed that it was made by Double Fine. If that name isn’t familiar to you, it should be. Double Fine is a talented studio headed by Tim Schafer and have created a list of games that reads like a laundry list for excellence in gaming.

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Visiting their website I found that Iron Brigade is actually the European release name for Trenched, an Xbox Live title in June of 2011. It has finally made its way onto Xbox Live and it was well worth the wait.

Iron Brigade is a hybrid tower defence and third person shooter. Think MechWarrior 4 mixed with Plants Vs. Zombies and you’ll get the gist of what this is game is all about. The story follows two scientists both made super intelligent by a phenomenon known as the broadcast. One scientist goes on to create Mechwarrior like trenches to help the disabled and the other goes to create monster in an effort to rule the world.

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The story is told through cut scenes and pulp war comic art style and is one of the best parts of the game. In fact this art style follows you everywhere throughout the game’s design direction, from the Mechs to the characters themselves. You have to love a character that pops a cigar into his mouth at the end of a mission and lights it up with a handgun.

The gameplay is simple, you take control of a Trench, set up defences and take out enemies as they try to attack your target. Enemies drop loot which you pick up and buy or upgrade more emplacements. At the end of each mission you can customize every single facet of your Trench from the weapons to the paint job and get ready for the next one. As an example of the depth of customization and options Iron Brigade offers, your Trench has four types of armour it can equip ranging from full on assault to engineer mode. Assault mode gives you stronger weapons and armour but less space for emplacement, engineer mode offers less armour and weapon slots but more emplacements. The other two are somewhere in between. There are even types of legs which can have varied effects from making your Trenched stronger to making it quicker.

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