Just Cause Two Mission Walkthrough: Fry Me to The Moon


This is one of the more fun Faction Missions in the game and will give you a good idea what Just Cause 2 is all about early in the game. The main objective here is to take out the Satellites in the base so stock up on Triggered Explosives and make your way to each one however you choose. You can also take out the SAMs surrounding the base and use the helicopter to destroy the Satellites as well.

After taking out all the visible Satellites in the base, you’ll be notified that a hidden one is about to be launched. You’ll have to rush to the middle of the base and grab the Fighter Jet and pilot it to the Satellite that is taking off and shoot it out of the air. Once you complete the Faction Mission, you might as well take the Jet for a spin, causing Chaos around Panau.

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