Microsoft Points are So Expensive

Why doesn’t Microsoft lower the price? Nobody wants to pay $20 for them.

Microsoft Points are used on Xbox Live as currency basically. You can spend them on DLC, movies, videos, or even full games. But why are they so expensive? I think that $20 for 1600 Microsoft Points is just ridiculous. You either have to spend $20 just for 1600 Microsoft Points or you have to shovel out more money and pay $50 for 4000 points! If you want to buy in 500 points increments, you have to link your credit card to your Xbox Live account. Then if your account gets stolen, your credit card goes with it!

A small piece of DLC for any game can be as high as 1200 Microsoft points which is the equivalent of $15! That’s $15 for an hour or so worth of gameplay. That is not even close to worth it. Microsoft points prices should be cut in HALF. $10 for 1600 points is a lot more reasonable, especially considering the price of everything on the marketplace. There are countless items available for download on the Xbox Live marketplace, buying a $20 1600 points card will get you about 2 or 3 things. Points are so overpriced and the price should definitely be dropped by half.

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