Mw2 vs. Halo 3:odst

Comparing both games and how it is different.



Modern Warefare 2


Let’s look at the graphics for Modern Warefare 2 and the first mission:

As you can see the HUD (heads up display) is very informative but you can not tell the amount of health you have left. The aiming is very good depending on the type of gun, although the original sniper with no attachments or perks is very hard to control because if you try to snipe someone while they are moving, your sniper doesn’t rotate as fast even when the sensitivity is at it’s highest. For first timers this game probably isn’t type of game for you because although you can choose your type for difficulty but the training at the start is still quite hard. The wide range of weapons makes it so interesting between what your speciality of your weapons is as well. You are playing different people each time

There is also another type of game which is special ops(spec ops). This allows you to play co-operative with someone and again choose your difficulty separately meaning one player can choose for example regular and the player two can choose veteran. At special ops you can unlock allies if you complete the special ops  which can help you to complete campaign missions.




Now let’s look at the gameplay of Halo:ODST and also the first mission:


Part 2

Sorry for having to watch two parts but you have to watch so that you know which game you want to get. The gameplay of this game is very different because it now shows you a better HUD than MW2 as it shows you a health bar but the problem is that you have to get a health pack to regen more health which in fact not to be informal sucks. The good things about it is that there is a radar system and also your VISR which locates who your enemies are and who are your allies. Many glitches are fixed such as the grunt not attacking us though I think that could have been not fixed. The graphics has somewhat improved on the the scenery and the enemies. The difference between all the Halo series is that it was all about destroying the HALO’s but this time it’s about protecting the earth. As always the storyline is quite good as you play as different people each time.

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  1. Posted December 29, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    Great article.

  2. Tony
    Posted April 12, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    You said something about MW2 not having something in the HUD for your hp you have left.

    You don\’t need one, its basically signified by the amount of blood on your screen, and then if you find cover and don\’t get shot, it eventually reheals.

    Graphics and gameplay in MW2 are superior, and online is better by far.

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