Reason of Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Appear

How frustrating is that when you middle enjoy playing console game but in the sudden the screen blank out and snatched out all your excitement.

 This surely not the way you expect to end up your lovely gaming weekend, when playing with your Xbox 360 console. But most of the Xbox gamer will deal with above situation when face Xbox 360 Three Red Ring Of Death.

What is three red ring of death?The red ring of death as you know, refers to the three quarter circle of red lights that form about the power button of your Xbox 360 when it malfunctions. Before proceed to further, you need to understand why three red ring of death will happen? What cause it happen on Xbox 360?

1. Overheated

Xbox360 build up with several high power and complicated components which are packed in the small space. Those component generated large amount of heat. Internal heat sink and fans utilized to cool out the heat. But due to limit marginal cooling capacity and limited space within the console causing overheat problem once the air flow blocked and lead to red ring occurrence.

2. Lead Free solder

To avoid lead product may cause danger to children, Microsoft designed to use lead free solder in xbox 360. Lead free solder tend to be more brittle. Once the lead free solder exposed to heat for long period, it become more brittle and happen to be a tiny hair-line cracks will develop once you stress it. The cracks can obstruct the flow of electrical current and also result in a weak solder joint that easily breaks.

3. Poor Heat sink clamp Design

Xbox360 using X- clamp on the heat sink which is a poor design as the X- clamp force is very uneven. The uneven pressure get worst once the GPU and CPU get hot and overheated causes the motherboard to flex. Problem become worst when the lead free solder become brittle after get stressed with flexing motion of the motherboard.

If you faced problem listed above, the first thing that you think of is to ship your console back to Microsoft Service center to get it fix, but it may cost you lost a big buck and even waste your 2 -3 weeks times in order to wait your console shipped back and get repair.Another option that you can try out is to do it yourself. Troubleshooting  Xbox 360 may not look hard like what you think of, you not need to be a technical geek in order to get your xbox 360 back in action. Feel free to visit XBox 360 Red Ring Fix Guide and learn how you actually can fix your xbox 360 yourself.

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