Skyrim: How to Become a Werewolf

Yes, you can become a werewolf in this game. Read on.

Physical Changes And Other People’s Reaction

In human form, your character will become “buff” and muscular if not already muscular. Guards will notice your “wolfish grin” and how you “smell like a wet dog”.

Steps to Becoming A Werewolf

  1. Travel to Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
  2. Walk down the steps of the stairs.
  3. Turn left past the man preaching the word of Talos.
  4. Walk up the steps just ahead leading to a building named “Jorrvaskr”. If you have trouble finding Jorrvaskr, use your local map.
  5. Turn right and walk all the way down until your reach the wall. Then jump over the floor and enter the Jorrvaskr living quarters. If you have trouble again, refer to your local map.
  6. Once inside, turn right and walk all the way down the hall and find Kodlak Whitemane. Talk to him to join the companions.
  7. If you had any trouble with steps 4-7 watch this video.
  8. Complete Taking Up Arms and complete a few jobs for the Companions.
  9. Eventually you will be given the quest Proving Honor. Once finished, complete a few more jobs. Then you will have the quest The Silver Hand.
  10. Meet with Skjor at the Underforge during the night. You will then undergo the blood ritual to become a werewolf.
  11. You will pass out and wake up in werewolf form. You can run around in Whiterun and attack people and guards if you like until you pass out again. You won’t have any bounty if you kill people.
  12. After your first transformation you can now transform into a werewolf anytime you like once a day unless you have the Hircine’s Ring.
  13. To transform press B for Xbox or O for PS3. Move your thumbstick to the left on Magic. Scroll down to where it says Powers. Move your thumbstick to the left and scroll down until it says Beast Form. Press A for Xbox or X for PS3 to select it. Close the menu. Now you can transform by pressing RB for Xbox or R1 for PS3.

Beast Form

Once transformed, you remain a werewolf for 2.5 minutes in real life. You can feed on corpses by going up to them and pressing A for Xbox or X for PS3. This restores 50 points of Health and gives you an additional 30 seconds of time as a werewolf. You are powerful and can send enemies flying with power attacks then attack them with your claws when they are down. Be careful to watch your health however, because the only way your health can regenerate is by feeding on corpses. Your health will not regenerate automatically.

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