Sony Missed The Perfect Chance for The Ps4 at The Superbowl

The Superbowl could have propelled Sony’s mysterious console into the limelight.

On February 1st, Sony unveiled a teaser trailer on their official playstation youtube channel. The teaser showed nothing more than the iconic playstation buttons and the tagline “Be the first to know” and ended up garnering more than 5 million views. The internet went abuzz, almost unanimously agreeing that Sony is set to announce their next flagship console on February 20th. It has come to a point where no one is even questioning if it might be something else. Numerous insiders, business analysts, and industry experts all point to an inevitable announcement of the PS4.

Two days after that trailer the Superbowl occured. The largest, most televised sports entertainment event in North America in a given year. The Superbowl garners hundreds of millions of viewers and companies spend millions to try and meet their marketing deadlines to get commercials ready for the big day. Speaking of commercials, a mere 30 second one can cost anywhere from 2-5 million USD. Regardless of the cost, companies know it is completely worth it given the number of viewers tuned in.

It is safe to say then, that Sony missed an incredible opportunity to unveil their next generation console, or at the very least tease it.

This generation Sony has had a very difficult job of keeping up with Microsoft in the North American market. Compared to other territories like Europe and Japan (where Sony is doing very well), in North America it simply cannot hold its ground. A new console would be a rebirth for Sony and give them a chance to start fresh.

Why not start fresh by announcing your next generation gaming console at the most viewed entertainment event in North America?

The implications of this announcement would be tremendous. Not only would the console get people talking, it would create immense buzz and generate interest for months to come. It would then allow Sony to fully unveil the system on specified date. This would completely steal the spotlight from its competitors such as Nintendo and more importantly; Microsoft. The Superbowl come around once a year and Sony could have really invigorated the gaming industry as a whole by announcing the PS4 at such a mainstream event.

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