The Xbox One Hacked

Only five days since the Xbox One launched and hackers already are claiming to have hacked the Xbox One.

The Xbox One has become on of the fastest selling console of all time selling more than 1 million consoles across 13 mayor territories and now that hackers have gotten their hands on brand new Xbox One their hacking mission has begun, and with great success. Hackers claim to have been able to dump the Xbox One’s NAND, it can be dumped similarly as with the Xbox 360 by using Corona V2 using SD Card reader.

The hacker C4eva (the one who dumped Call of Duty: Ghosts’s data) claims that disks can actually be read be read. Hackers are fast approaching their goal of downloading games, ripping the games to blueray disks and playing them on the Xbox One.

One of the main reasons why Microsoft wanted to implement DRM (Digital Rights Management) in to the Xbox One was because, this way they could prohibit these things from happening by having you connect to the internet in order to be able to play the games, if anyone got caught with pirated software then you would be banned outright. Now the Xbox one console can be played offline and hackers can do what they do best, Hack.

What are your thoughts on this? Does this make you less likely to get an Xbox One? Please leave your comments below expressing your thoughts

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