Zombie Lane Downtown Finally Open

For all of you who have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting….for Digital Chocolate to finish working the bugs out of the new downtown maps, your waiting is over. The Down Town has come to Facebook.

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For months now Digital Chocolate has been promising to roll out the down town area on their popular Facebook game Zombie Lane. They put up signs, sent out status quotes on Facebook, teased us with a circus, and have generally been leaving the players to wonder, wonder, wonder when this was finally going to happen. It has, and it does not disappoint.

The map is large with tons of new stuff and new ‘quests’, new zombies and new things to fix. Lots of new characters, like the fire chief, and opportunities to interact with friends and NPCs. Yeah, its still a Facebook app game with all the energy bar issues, and the taking forever to load, but they keep coming up with new stuff. I’ve paid for games that offered less than this (mostly) free game.

To get to the down town area you first have to get through the circus with all the killer clowns and the apparently inept carnies unable to put up a tent. Then you go to the lower part of the screen off the ‘map’ and click on the downtown. First quests are fixing fire hydrants, easy, and killing a ton of zombies, which is also easy, well if you have a light saber…oh, wait…I do! By the way, you can get a light saber by completing the platinum level of the Craftmaster’s acheivement.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, it is definitely my pick for playable free games on Facebook.

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