1-99 Firemaking Guide RuneScape!

How to get from one to 99 firemaking the fastest ways.

Hello, today I’m going to tell you how to get 99 firemaking, from level 1. Firemaking is a buyable, relatively cheap 99, which to be honest, is rather useless. Anyways, let’s get started!

1-15: Normal logs. You will need to firemake 61 normal logs. This will cost you around 4.5K.

15-30: Oak logs. You will need to firemake 183 logs. Easy. It will cost you around 8-9K.

30-45: Willow logs. You will need to firemake 535 willows. Seeing as willows are dirt cheap from bots, it will only cost around 6K.

(option 1). 45-99: Maple logs. Giving 135 experience each and only costing 40-60 Gp each, these are a great option! You will need to light a massive 96,096 logs from level 45-99! This will cost you around 4.5M-5M.

(option 2): Firemake maples until level 60, then do yews til 99. Yews give 202.5 experience each, and cost from 550-400GP each. It will take 63,016 logs from 60-99 firemaking, and the yews will cost around 31.5M!

(option 3): Firemake maples until level 60, do yews until level 75 then magics til 99. Magic logs cost around 1.2K-1.5K each, and give 303.8 experience each. This means 38,921 logs for 75-99! This will cost around 55M, though.

Assuming you can burn 1.2K logs an hour, option 1 would take around 80 hours, option 2 would take around 52 hours, and option 3 would take around 34 hours! If you can make more than 1M an hour, then prefer option 2 over option 1. If you can make more than 1.3M an hour, then prefer option 3 over option 2. 

When you’re level 62 firemaking, i advise getting the “ring of fire” from the all fired up minigame, and when level 79 getting “flame gloves”. The ring of fire gives 2% extra exp per log, and them together gives 5% exp extra exp per log.

The penance horn is an object obtained from the Barbarian assault mini-game, and can be very useful. It takes around 7 hours to fill, (just an average), gives around 3.5M bonus exp for a full horn and doubles your firemaking exp while in use! This means you will have to fill it 3.7 times for 1-99, and it will take around 26 hours in total. Even if you don’t include the amount of time it takes to get money to buy the logs, the penance horn is worth it!

~Some random information~

As of 23rd January, 33 people have 200M firemaking exp, and 62,162 people have 99 firemaking. I hope you enjoyed my guide, :D .

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