10 Games That Changed The World

These are the 10 Games that changed the way we all play.

When I first started think of the top ten games that have truly change the world the most I almost immediately came to the conclusion that there is no possible way to make everyone happy with this list. I’m making this list to show the games that for there time either truly broke the mold, revolutionized the way we played or at least made a few politicians see video games as the greatest scapegoat of all time. I’m going to praise them and comment them from my perspective to give this article some weight. So here we go lets start with every ones favorite elf…

10.The Legend of Zelda- This game was Grand Theft Auto before Grand Theft Auto was a even an imaginable concept. Everyone who bought this game back in the day most definitely shit themselves when they discovered just how amazing this game was. A real story, tons of secrets, a save system so you know its long and a gold cartridge just to highlight how awesome this game is. It changed the world by showing us that games could be more then just moving to the right.

9.Super Mario 64- For all of the people that like to argue that video games are art this should be your prime example. Being the game that sold the Nintendo 64 and 3D to all of us Super Mario 64 showed just what kind of worlds of imagination video games where capable of bringing us to.

8.Mortal Kombat- The joys of misspelling the word combat. Seriously though this is my personal favorite fighting game of all time. I’m not just putting this on this list because I like it this game seriously paved the way for all video games to allow violence and blood. I remember buying this game for the Sega Genesis and playing it with my friends for hours. For allowing us the joy of decapitations Mortal Kombat has truly changed the world.

7.Dance Dance Revolution- Everyone loves Dance Dance Revolution and I mean everyone. No matter how stupid you think this game is with its super easy concept and amazingly simple controls this game is the best thing to happen to arcades since Space Invaders. There are two of the arcade games at my towns theater and Ive probably danced at least a thousand songs on it. With its dozens of sequels, hundreds of rip offs and home versions that never fails to make you wish you didn’t live in a two story house this game gets on the list just because everyone has played it and everyone has loved it (or hated it because they suck).

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