10 Reasons Good at Heart People are More Prone to Failures

Everyone fails at least once in life, but people who are good at heart are more prone to failures. If you are one and if you have had the misfortune to go through the pains of failures more than once, then you will know exactly what I mean. After a lifetime of observation and personal experience, I have come up with 10 reasons for the failures. Read the article to find out what they are.


 Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, animist or a non-believer, throughout your life you have been told to be ‘good’. No matter where you live, you have been brought up on a constant diet of ‘good vs evil’ stories where the good always prevails at the end. But life – real life – rarely works that way. Look around and you will see the ‘not-so-good’ to the really bad ones prevailing everywhere – from workplace to business to politics. Let’s face it. Life is cruel. And it’s especially cruel to those who are good-at-heart. Everywhere you look around you will see that good people are more prone to failure than the bad ones. Buy why? The answer can be found in the way nature works.

It’s a sad fact of life that good at heart people are most likely to fail. You will agree with me if you are one. If you have failed time and again despite your best efforts, despite having the intelligence, qualifications and abilities, you have probably spent many sleepless nights wondering why. The religions tell you that you fail because God wants to teach you a lesson. Maybe He does. Maybe he wants to punish you for being good. Maybe He wants to punish you for being not bad enough. After all, didn’t the eminent English naturalist Charles Darwin discover that in nature it is only the fittest that survive? When talking of animals, the word ‘fittest’ translates mostly into ‘raw physical power’. In the wild, the biggest, strongest and fastest animal wins every time. Since we humans are as much ‘cerebral’ beings as ‘physical’ beings, the word ‘fittest’ really means ‘the cleverest’ in our case.

All animals are driven by the survival instinct. They eat to survive, they fight to survive, they kill to survive, they run to survive, they hide to survive and they procreate to survive. Nature has no mercy for those who are unable to do any of these. Except among a few of the higher animals, in the wild there is only ‘action driven by necessity’ and no ‘action driven by kindness’. It’s a sad fact that the word ‘good’ does not have any place in the book of nature.

Whether you are a creationist or an evolutionist, you will agree that germs and insects are the lowest forms of life on earth. Above them are animals like mollusks, fish, amphibians and reptiles – in that order. God or evolution, whichever you believe in, didn’t find it necessary to imbue them with love and compassion. Only mammals have been given these qualities. And even among mammals, only humans – the highest forms of life on earth – have been given these qualities in abundance. True, most birds and many other animals, including crocodiles, care for their young – but that is more by instinct than anything else and ends as soon as their offspring become able to fend for themselves.

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