10 Reasons Good at Heart People are More Prone to Failures

Everyone fails at least once in life, but people who are good at heart are more prone to failures. If you are one and if you have had the misfortune to go through the pains of failures more than once, then you will know exactly what I mean. After a lifetime of observation and personal experience, I have come up with 10 reasons for the failures. Read the article to find out what they are.

  Good people are almost very bad at defending their turf. When other people start invading their turf or breathing down their neck, they simply cannot fight back. This results in loss of their territory (physical as well as metaphorical). Melissa always parks her car at the same place at work because it was the most convenient place for her. One day when she reaches office she finds Mark’s car neatly parked in her place. She quietly parks in another place, but she is soon kicked out by the guy who usually parks there. So she finds an empty spot after a long search and parks there. The same thing happens the next day. After a few days she decides to talk to Mark, who works in another department, and has a reputation for being mean. He says to her curtly, “Does that place have your name on it? I can park anywhere I like.” Feeling hurt, she meekly walks away. Her new parking place is now at the furthest end of the parking area.

9.             Not aggressive enough

This is almost always true for good people. They simply lack the aggression that is necessary to keep competitors and adversaries at a safe distance. Because of this, they continually find their turf invaded and taken over by the more aggressive people. John is a friendly and mild mannered assistant manager in a company. Everyday he finds his subordinates being disrespectful to him. They barge into his office without asking for permission; they demand things that they wouldn’t dare ask other assistant managers; they do not greet him properly and they do not listen to him. He is aware of all this and he also know that something has to be done abut it, but he is unable to do anything except a mild reproach which they do not take seriously. John never gets promoted to manager.

 10.         Too modest to speak up up for themselves

May good at heart people are too modest to speak up for themselves. They can speak on behalf of their friends, but not for themselves. Cynthia had been working for a private company for several years. She worked hard and never complained. She even put in extra hours whenever required. Her miser of a boss neither properly thanked her nor gave her a raise. And she never raised the topic herself because she was too modest. On day Janet joined the company. She was outspoken and not afraid to speak her mind. Six months after coming to work, she walked into boss’s office and asked him for a raise. After some hesitation he agreed to give her a raise. Poor Cynthia’s name wasn’t even mentioned and she never got a raise.

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