100% Legal Free Travian Gold in Three Easy Steps

Tired of begging your parents for gold or using hard earned cash to buy it? Well here’s a free way to get that gold.

In this guide i am hoping to show you how to get travian gold for free. All you need is a debit/credit card (so you can sign up for paypal), determination and a bit of patience. But before i start, i will remind you to never give away any account information such as passwords to people claiming to get you a better account or gold, they are ALWAYS scams and never work. The way I am about to show you really does work and is relatively easy to use. Here it is:

1. Sign up for paypal account. These are completely free and are needed for you to pay the money for the travian gold. You will only need a credit/debit card. You can sin up for a paypal account here.

2. Now create a free account with Triond. Triond is a brilliant site which lets you publish articles online. All you have to do is create the article (which can be either text, images or a video) then Triond does the rest for you, publishing it on one of several websites depending on what your articles about. For everyone that clicks on the link to the article you created, Triond gives you a bit of money. This is effectively how you create the money for the gold. However, it is also the hardest bit and it is where you need determination and patience. At first you may only notice a tiny revenue coming your way, but don’t give up. Keep writing quality articles on subjects you think people will be interested in and slowly the amount of money you bring in will increase. There is no limit to the number of articles you can write so just keep writing as many as possible. The process might take a few weeks but hopefully you should end up with enough money to buy the gold you want. You can sign up for Triond here

p.s. remember to choose the get payed by paypal option when signing up.

3. Hooray! You’ve done it, so you now have enough money to get a bunch of travian gold. Hopefully all the articles you have now written are still bringing in a bit of money, but there’s no harm in writing more. Remember, gold runs out quickly so you need to keep bringin in more money to buy more.

just to reiterate, never ever ever give your travian assword to anyone, not even a moderator. Any sites claiming to have cheats to get gold are all lies and scams, don’t believe it. I really hope this guide helps people, remember, Triond can be used not only for travian but for many other things as well, or just as another income. Use Triond to its maximum potential and enjoy! 

And for those of you yet to sign up to travian, read my article about it here http://gameolosophy.com/games/why-you-should-play-travian/

Then sign up by clicking on this link http://www.travian.co.uk/?uc=uk7_10914


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