"7 Little Words" Answers: Lemonade Package

Answers to the 50 levels of the lemonade package.

 Level 1

Stupid person= Ignoramus

Not a danger= Harmless

Metal Screen= Grille

Famous and respected= Eminent

Puzzle invented in 1933= Crossword

Beginning of the moth= Caterpillar

Courage= Pluck

Level 2

Result of Midas touch= Gold

Rug cleaner= Shampoo

Bully or thug= Goon

Fruity drink= Punch

Roofed porch= Veranda

Daughter of Fred and Wilma= Pebbles

Small, sweet tangerine= Clementine

Level 3

Small bag= Satchel

It has a lot of problems= Math

Spool for thread= Bobbin

Break time= Recess

Banned construction material= Asbestos

Use finger and toes, maybe= Count

All-embracing alttitude= Catholic

Level 4

Butt, of course= Gluteus

1,760 yards= Mile

Lacking depth and realism= Cardboard

Material made from jute= Gunny

Union of two gametes= Zygote

Part of a pistil= Stigma

Business cost= Overhead

Level 5

Sack material= Burlap

Murder mystery= Whodunit

Pitch style= Overhand

Nautical speed= Knot

Atmosphere= Ambience

List of cases= Docket

Excessive Weight= Poundage

Level 6

Hat or race= Derby

Large American thrush= Solitaire

Simple task= Bagatelle

Violent criminal= Gangster

No longer fresh= Stale

Set= Fixed

Heat up= Cook

Level 7

City of the Tigris River= Baghdad

Foolish and fighty people= Airheads

Cause to feel resentment= Offended

Brief period of time= Jiffy

Swedish car= Volvo

Timon in “The Lion King”= Meerkat

Volleyball game location= Beach

Level 8

One who accompanies= Chaperone

Game with letter tiles= Scrabble

Youngest daughter of Lear= Cordelia

Switch= Substitute

“Take Five” Composer= Brubeck

Everyday= Common

Fear of strangers= Xenophobia

Level 9

Dried meat= Jerky

Sure-fire proposition= Arson

Annoying person= Gadfly

Faster way= Shortcut

Food= Nourishment

Forgive= Pardon

Chemical element #83= Bismuth

Level 10

Hard silver-gray metal= Zirconium

Yale “A&A” Building architect= Rudolph

Record= Document

Hot fragrant spice= Ginger

Fermented dairy product= Yogurt

Cow for beans swapper= Jack

Fast-moving shark= Mako

Level 11

Freshwater catfish= Bullhead

Living fence= Hedge

Shameless audacity= Chutzpah

Pancreas output= Insulin

Pilot= Airman

“To the Manor Born” butler= Brabinger

Ryder Cup sport= Golf

Level 12

Spicy Indian condiment= Chutney

Succulent garden plant= Echeveria

Spin on one foot= Piroutte

Marathon participant= Runner

Dancing area= Ballroom

Pack= Stow

Annette’s movie partner= Frankie

Level 13

London transportation= Underground

1941 Disney film= Dumbo

Comfort= Solace

Charlie Parker’s instrument= Saxophone

Spirit of St. Louis pilot= Lindbergh

Jazz style= Bebop

Iridescent gemstone= Opal

Level 14

Constantly in the way= Underfoot

Use a stamp= Impress

“Cry,Cry,Cry” singer= Cash

Unlicensed physician= Quack

Pretzel-like pastry= Kringle

Large seabird= Albatross

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