A Facebook Game Review: Monster World

Monster World, by Wooga, is a farming game on Facebook with a twist. The monsters aren’t the bad guys trying to destroy the crops or invading the city. Nope. These creepy critters are the farmers.

*screen shot of my little farm, complete with crops and Robert the Robot.

Many other games out there have been trying to cash in on the poplarity of simple farming games like Farmville by Zynga. There was Stoned Cows, a hippie farm that grows different kinds of…um…weeds. There is Astro Garden, a mad scientist grown mystery game with monster plants. There is Zombie Lane, where the garden is only part of the zombie-killing-holding-off-the-hoard. And there is Monster World. This one is still cutsie, like Farmville, with the monsters being super cuddly, and also like Farmville there is no nasty energy bar to worry about depleting.

Unlike Farmville, there seems to be limited game play in the first levels, offering very little actions until new levels are attained. Basically a waiting game. Also unlike Farmville, the waiting for those crops to grow is a quick, taking only minutes instead of hours and days.

You start off the game with a little one eyed, purple squid monster giving you a short tutorial. He instructs you to harvest your ‘lemonade bush’ (an orange bottle with a straw), and then to harvest and sell the crop to a robot monster named Robert (Yeah, Robby the Robot. I’m sure they get it too.) waiting at the edge of your farm. You do that, level up and then you get to add more plots and plant glass flowers that look like large diamonds. Quests are quickly added, completed and notes are left by needy neighbors for more quests to come.

Your avatar is limited, but can be changed up with ‘coins’, the in game currency. You earn coins by completing quests and selling crops and items. You can also ‘find’ coins by visiting your friends’ gardens.

For the most part, it is very similar to every other farming game out there. You plant, you grow, you harvest, you sell, rinse, repeat. However, three things I like: One-no annoying music. I hate that. Have you noticed no body ever play death-metal in farming games? Two-No annoying energy bar. Three-Its easy. Super easy. The instructions literally take under a minute. That’s it.

I give the whole thing a great big four stars.

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