1-99 Smithing Guide P2p

This guide will explain fast methods to 99 smithing.

Levels 1-5

From levels 1-5 you should smith 32 bronze daggers. To do this, buy 32 bronze bars and a hammer. Bring them to an anvil and use the bars on the anvil. Then, right click bronze dagger and select make all. I would suggest using the anvils south of varrock west bank. This should cost you around 2k. Note: Smithing xp is based on the type of bar and the amount of bars required. So even though a bronze med helm requires level 3 smithing, it still gives the same xp as a bronze dagger.

Levels 5-22

From levels 5-22 you should smith 419 bronze arrowtips. This should make a profit of 25k. For each bar, you get 15 arrowtips. Even though you get the same xp as bronze daggers, bronze arrowtips make a profit.

Levels 22-33

For levels 22-33 you should smith 505 iron throwing knives. This should make a profit of around 24k. Each bar will make 5 knives. Since you are using iron, this should be more xp then the previous methods.

Levels 33-53

At levels 33-53 you should smith 3,156 steel bolts (unf). If you buy all the bars, this should cost you 680k. Each bar makes 10 unfinished bolts.


From levels 53-60 I would recommend smithing 2,743 mithril bolts (unf). If you buy the bars, this will cost 940k.

60-88/99 (cheap)

If you want to do the cheap method, you should smith mithril bolts at the blast furnace. The blast furnace is a great place to train because you can smelt bars and smith them into items very quickly. If you don’t know how to use the blast furnace, you can find a guide here. I would also suggest using a sacred clay hammer from the stealing creation minigame as they give 2x xp when smithing. The blast furnace will usually make a profit.

Levels 60-88 (expensive)

If you have the money, smithing gold bars with goldsmith gauntlets can be very fast. This will make a lot more xp/ph then the blast furnace. Goldsmith gauntlets require the family crest quest to be completed and give more xp when smelting gold. With the gauntlets on, you will get more xp smelting gold than you would smelting runite. For level 88, you will need to smelt 73,168 gold ores. This should cost 6.2m.

Levels 88-99 (expensive)

For the rest of the way to 99, you can smith adamant platebodies. If you want, you can also use sacred clay hammers for this. If you don’t use sacred clay hammers, you will need to make 46,127 adamant platebodies. Since each platebody uses 5 bars, you will need to use 230,635 adamant bars. This can get up to 200k xp/ph. This should cost around 150m.

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