10 Tips Make Dark Orbit Easier(part 1)

This is ten things I learned about the game of Dark orbit That I missed right off the bat, but have been learning slowly as I have come along.

1.) The Dark Orbit Bible: I know that the last thing you wanna do is study up for a game, but this will allow you to know all of the things you can do and how to do them. I see alot of players that have no idea about some of the wonderful features they have at their disposal because they did not read this. If you would like to see it,and a bunch of other useful information, you can Click  here::  Dark orbit INFO

2.) Achievements and Quests: Be sure to start these as soon as possible. Of course you will be able to level just by killing stuff, but this will make it go much faster. With every achievement comes cool stuff to help you on your way. The quests serve as extra credits,uri,and experience. Plus it effects your overall rank.

3.) Farming: Farming is when you and several others get together and pretty much kill everything on the screen. Also remember to mark any quests for the creatures on the map where you are farming. If you are farming something big like a Sib, or Lordakium and your afraid enemy might get ya, Just drag whatever you are shooting on back to port and if you are attacked, just jump into the portal. Be sure you are not jumping into a pvp map because then your dead if you can not kill them. I tend to not farm around port that lead to these pvp maps, just for that reason.

4.) Trade: Trade is where you can bid against other star fighters for different  items to help you, even some pretty cool ships to. Alot of new people, as they build up credits, will bid all of them away trying for these much needed items.  The technique I have learned for this is quite simple. First never, and I mean never, try this right after invasion. Wait 3 days. The bids are outrages for 2 or 3 days after invasion. Check out the number of people online. If it is below 600 , then employ this method. Look for anything with a default name. The default name I see is “Lapak88″ Anything with that as the winning bidder , then it has not been bid on at all. I always put 5 credits on those. For stuff i want more i spend a little more. But by the number of people playing, alot of these items can be bought for a fraction of what they usually go for.

5.) Good Flying Techniques: There are 2 ways to fight just about any NPC in the game. One is called circling. You basically circle around the NPC your attacking and keep widening the circle until the NPC is no longer hitting you , but you are still hitting the NPC. The second is walking back. Basically you back up far enough to be out of it’s range while attacking the NPC. The just click the space behind your ship in a steady rhythm and you will stay out of the NPC’s range of hitting you, while still hitting the NPC.

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