Air Strike 3D Pc Game

Air Strike 3D is the best helicopter game actions with a great graphical display and effects that make it increasingly challenged the players to play this game.

This game displays a 3D view of an air raid with the mission of Operation WAT are packed so ripe to give the player a more challenging game and make the adrenalin seemed to be on top combined with a view through the camera is adjusted to effect the style of films like Hollywood Box Office provide an amazing visual experience.

To play the game Air Strike 3D is there are 20 levels to finish the mission with 100 different enemy units that must be destroyed and there are 5 types of background battlefield and 3 powerful terrorist bosses to beat if you want to complete the entire mission and an end to this game. 

To start the game, pal can choose 10 different types of helicopters according to the desired character. Moreover, in this game the players are also pampered with the 10 unique weapons with 5 level upgrade different, 5 types of missiles and 12 other bonus is the easier steps to do all the missions that have been determined, and the mission at night, with weather conditions varies. Waw … It was so amazing adventure.

When it has successfully completed the mission and the player has achieved the goals set by the previous commander, the player will be given access to a place that is more sophisticated and have a complete arsenal of super and super strong. Just like a real army, if it has successfully completed the entire mission, players will also be given a promotion to a promotion that will increase life that cause the players will not be easily defeated in every battle against the enemy.

System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Pentium II 333 MHz
RAM 64 Mb
100% OpenGL 1.xx compliant 3D accelerated video card
100% DirectX 3 compliant sound card

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