App Review: Jetpack Joyride

Little known game by Halfbrick.

I am really surprised that not many people know about Jetpack Joyride. It is made by Halfbrick which is a top game app developer. Jetpack Joyride is a very addictive FREE game that will keep you playing for a long time. There are so many extra features and fun things to do that make the replayability on it amazing. The main gameplay of it is basically holding down on the screen to rise with your jetpack and letting go to fall. You will be dodging spinning lasers and rockets while flying and collecting coins. While flying you can sometimes find a powerup that will give you a vehicle. One of the vehicles is Profit Bird. Profit Bird can rise very quickly but falls very fast. The main perk to having a vehicle is if you get hit you go back to running. While doing that you will be trying to do missions. Missions earn you stars and stars level you up. Leveling up is fun and awards you coins as well. Examples of missions are, “Get Profit Bird 5 times”, “Reach 1000m without collecting a single coin”, “Collect 500 coins in one game”. You have 3 missions at all times and they are randomly given to you. Each time you level up it will require more stars to level again. At Level 15 you “prestige” into level 16 where the star count resets and you are awarded a random badge on your profile. There are a total of 100 badges to collect so you can basically play this game for hours upon hours!

I have talked about coins a lot throughout my review on Jetpack Joyride. Well now I am finally going to tell you what you can do with all those coins you have collected. I always use my coins on buying new jetpacks because all the purchaseable jetpacks are really unique and change the feel of the game a lot. You can also buy different clothes for your character such as hats or shirts. The last thing that you can get is vehicle upgrades. Some of these are just changing the color of the vehicle but others actually help like the coin magnet upgrade. There are a ton of things in the store to buy so you will never run out of things to use coins on!

Obviously I think this game is really great, which it is. The best part about the game is that it is FREE. Halfbrick always makes amazing games and this is one of their first that is free. It may not be free forever though so go download it while you can!

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