Atari Greatest Hits, Atari Classic Games Already for Android

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Last month the Atari company turned 34 years. Many gamers today, including myself included, were not born when Atari started to lay the groundwork for what we now understand as games platform, shooting or adventure. And is that Atari, though for many years engaged only to design and conduct video games occasional retro console, it is regarded as a pioneer in the gaming world, who introduced these Invaders in homes that were previously reserved only the arcade halls.

My recommendation to all lovers of video games is that they may take a look back and if you can, try all the games that marked an era. Many will be surprised to find evidence of the influence that these games were first in what we enjoy today in high definition. The good thing is that we need not glued to a TV to play all those legendary Atari games, enough to have an Android smartphone, and you just get to the Google operating system, Atari Greatest Hits, a collection Atari’s classic game that takes some months available for iPhone.

What offers this Atari Greatest Hits?, Because put simply offers 100 games for just over 7 euros, which results in hours and hours of fun and entertainment, besides having some of the greatest classics in the history of video games. Pong, Asteroids, Centipede, Lunar Lander, Gravitar, Battlezone, or Missile Command. All games have original graphic design and a recreation of the original cabins as they were designed for the arcades. As in the past two years we have had a massive popularity of the games dedicated to the zombie genre, in the late 70’s and early 80’s video game industry was flooded with titles devoted to space, intergalactic missions, the annihilation of aliens and other issues related to outer space. That is why many of these titles are on this path, which caused the game were known popularly as “Invaders”.

As mentioned, we can acquire all the games for 10 dollars (7.25 euros), or choose to buy them in packs of 4 to 1 dollar (0.73 €) per pack. To test the application, Atari Greatest Hits offers free game Missile Command. This shooting game is a faithful recreation of the fear that existed during the 80 to a possible nuclear war. Our goal is to neutralize the missiles that come against us in turn triggering other missiles, the blast of our explosions are what make those destroyed and those without. Curiously, in the movie Terminator 2 shows the character of John Connor (Edward Furlong) playing this game in an arcade. If you want to download the Atari Greatest Hits application enough for this link or you seek from your own phone in the Android Market.

Then we leave with the full list of games divided in their respective individual packs and the official launch trailer of the application for Android.

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