Best First Person Shooters of The Year

It is the end of 2011 and I’m here to give you the best FPS’s of this year. It has been a tough competition between many games but here is my list of the best five FPS games which I personally recommend to all the gamers.

1.  Battlefield 3

It is probably the best first person shorter game of the year and one of the best games till date.  It has the Forsbite 2 engine which enables the users to destroy the in game objects.  Having the new campaign mode has increased its proficiency and is probably the best FPS ever made.  It has received the highest of ratings that a game can achieve in this competitive gaming world.

2.  Crisis 2

In my view it is the second best first person shooter that has been released in this year and I believe that it has the potential to keep you in entertained for hours.  In this game the player assumes the role of a Marine commando also seen in older games.  Although it is quite similar to the first game, it still has everything that you would want from a first person shooter.  This game may be the second best option that you have this year if you are going to buy a first person shooter game. 


Homefront is one of the best game that you can get this year, although it’s campaign mode is a bit boring but it is still worth your money .  In this game you will find yourself as one of the members of the resistance, residing secretly and fighting the Koreans.You may find it repetitive and do the same tasks again and again but the interesting story will make you glued to the computer .  There is also another problem that you may encounter that this PC game that it requires a very high-ended PC. If we do not look at the single player mode.  It’s multilayer mode will definitely keep you indulged.  You can drive the vehicles like helicopter, gypsy Etc, like in battlefield games.

4. Bulletstorm

It is a another game in which you will find yourself killing guys that have somewhat abnormal faces, actually you are a space pirate in this game. I personally did not like this game very much but it is still a good time pass for the gamers.  You will get a different type of of powers in this game like pulling enemies towards yourself and then using different combos, like killing them with kick or by punch.  The bad part about this game is that you would find it a little bit boring but otherwise it is a great buy.

5.  Modern warfare 3

Since battlefield came into the gaming word there has been a stiff competition between modern warfare and battlefield.  Sorry, to all the MW fans but battlefield 3 has totally overpowered Modern Warfare 3.  But this game is still one of the best game released this year. Not many changes have been made in the game if we compare this to the previous game of the series.

In conclusion, I would like you to purchase the first game that is clearly the best game ever made.  Please comment so that the others can be guided to a better gaming experience.

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