Best Unholy Death Knight Rotation(mop)

How to Maximize your DPS with you Unholy Death Knight.

Mists Of Pandaria is coming up and soon the raid fever will begin again with players competing to get the best gear. Well to get into those raid pug groups or your guild’s core group you will have to know how maximize the dps for your class. I’m going to show you how!

Rotation (single Target)

1. Diseases. Apply diseases with  Outbreak and always keep them active by using  Festering Strike or   Plague Strikeand  Icy Touch or  Unholy Blight if you forget and run out. Never attack a target without diseases because your main dps spell  Scourge Strike increases its damage by 25% for each disease active.

2.  Scourge Strike. As stated this is your main dps ability and you will want to use most of your death runes on this ability. 

3.  Dark Transformation . Transfrom your cute death pet into an ugly abomination as soon as possible because he will do good damage! Do this by applying  Death Coil  5 times either from Sudden Doom Procs or from the runic power you got from your  Scourge Strike . This uses a death rune so make sure you stop using Scourge Strike once you have procced this.

4. Death and Decay. Try to keep this aoe ability up especially if you are fighting trash. This is the other exception to the death runes you use for Scourge Strike.

5.  Death Coil  Festering Strike  and  Icy Touch . If you already have Dark Transformation, use death coil whenever it procs or you reach full runic power.  Use Festering Strike if your diseases are running out or if you have extra frost and blood runes. Use icy touch if you have extra frost runes.

Extra:  Blood Tap  is a great way of getting extra death runes. Try to save it however for your dps cooldowns or for the end of the fight to use Soul Reaper

Dps Boosts:

Empower Rune Weapon + Unholy Frenzy + 

Summon Gargoyle make an excellent combo for getting huge Dps. Use this when bloodlust or heroism is up and when you have blood taps and you will get to the top of the DPS chart.

That is it for single target Dps. If you have questions or comments please let me know. Aoe rotation will be up shortly

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