Black Ops Zombie Guide

A great guide for the new players or ones who just want to get better.

Tip 9: Buy Power-Ups

As you get farther into the game you will want to purchase power-ups with your points. You can find different power-ups from vending machines, some of them include quick revive, faster reload etc… These power-ups will definitely be the difference between wave 20 and wave 21 (or higher). Power-ups that you purchase typically cost 2,500 points on up, if you save you should be able to afford them, work with your other players to come up with a strategy.

Tip 10: The Last Man Standing

The final tip I am going to cover is what you should do if someone need to be revived? Only revive other players if it safe to do so, I can’t tell you how many people have died from trying to revive their teammates, the best thing to do is wait until the zombies have cleared, if you have the quick revive powerup you’ll be able to successfully heal your players in time. If you have a lot of zombies and happen to be the last survivor try to play it safe, always watch your back and try to get to a large open area where you can “filter” or line up the zombies.

New Perk added: Recently all CoD zombie maps were updated with the Mule Kick Perk.

Kino Der Toten Strategy MapKino Der Toten Map

Kino Der Toten Map

Above outlined is a complete map of Kino Der Toten. The red and blue are the 2 alternative paths to take, this also lists all the doors, weapons and their costs.

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