Call of Duty Black Ops Cheat Guide

Call Of Duty Black Ops cheat guide.

Secret Gamerpics in Zombies mode (”Escalation” DLC)

Find the vodka bottle, and save the original characters in Solo mode to unlock the Nikolai and Takeoa Gamerpics. Note: Nikolai’s Gamerpic can also be unlocked in Co-op mode.

Wunderwaffle in Zombies mode (”Escalation” DLC)

Find the Golden Rod, and save the original characters.

Power box location in Zombies mode (”Escalation” DLC)

The power switch is located on the half-sunken ship to your right when you start. The boat that covers the entrance costs 500 points. When you go up the ship’s side, continue straight until you see a stairway to your left leading upstairs. It costs 750 points to enter. Once inside, go to either the right or left of the cabin and go inside, where you will find a stairway leading up again. Go up and move around the room to find a door that costs 750 points. Open this door, and the power switch will be to your right when you walk in.

Defeating George the director in Zombies mode (”Escalation” DLC)

It is recommended you do not fight George the director until you obtain the new Wonder Weapon and upgrade it through Pack-A-Punch, as you will not be able to kill him without it. Shooting him, blowing him up, and even knifing him will cause him to roar in fury, then charge at full sprint after you and your allies until everyone is dead. If this happens, you can lead him to any large body of water to calm him down. Additionally, the power must be active before you can damage him.

Springing platforms and ziplines in Zombies mode (”Escalation” DLC)

If you want to use either the platforms or zipline, you must first activate the power. Then, you must unlock the area that the platform or zipline ends at or else it will not bring you anywhere. The zipline can be used if there is no notice saying “Closed set” (indicating that you must unlock it) or “Power must be on” (power needs to be turned on). Once the zipline is active, jump into it near the edge to use it. The springing platform can be used once the area (lighthouse base) is open, and the power is on. When you stand on it, you will hear a compression sound, and after a moment it will launch you away. Note: Zombies and George can also use the springing platforms and ziplines.

Freezing zombies (”Escalation” DLC)

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