Call of Duty Black Ops Moon: Big Bang Theory Part Five

The fifth step of the Big Bang easter egg has the players fill the pyramid with zombies again and by the end of this step Richtofen will have all eight perks.

The Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode map Moon is the largest Zombie map ever. Just like all the other maps Moon has another huge hidden easter egg. This secret easter egg is the second part of the Richtofen’s Grand Scheme Easter egg. This part of the easter egg is called The Big Bang Theory but in order to begin this easter egg the players must have already completed the Cryogenic Slumber Party portion of Richtofen’s Grand Scheme.

Once the Vril generator has been charged the players must make their way back to Samantha and the Pyramid. Once the players enter the room with the pyramid, a tube will pop up at each corner of the pyramid. Just like before the players must kill 25 zombies near each tube to capture their souls in order to power the pyramid. Once all the tubes are filled with zombie souls, Richtofen can place the Golden Rod in the slot at the base of the pyramid. At this point players will witness Samantha and Richtofen switch souls (Now the player that was Richtofen is now Samantha in Richtofens body). After the switching of souls has occurred the player that is now Sam (Richtofen) should pick up the Golden Rod. Now that player should have all 8 perks.

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