Call of Duty Black Ops Two Tranzit Mode Zombie Map Easter Egg: Hidden Song

Details on how to unlock secret hidden song for Tranzit mode Green Run map by activation three teddy bears.

The Zombie map Green Run in Tranzit mode is full of hidden easter eggs. The Treyarch team is known for hiding secrets all across their Call of Duty Zombie mode maps. One hidden secret that has been included in every zombie map is the secret hidden song and known as the jukebox easter egg.

In the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombie map Green Run in Tranzit mode there is a hidden song that can be activated by finding three teddy bears that are hidden in the Tranzit map. The teddy bears are activated by pressing the action button while near them.

The first teddy bear is located at the Bus Depot. Once the players have exited the starting room a teddy bear can be found on one of the benches that are located on the other side of the bus.

The second teddy bear is located at the Farm. The player must enter the farm and open up the door to the farmhouse. The second teddy bear for the hidden song can be found on the floor near the stairs on the second level of the farm house.

The third teddy bear is located in the Town. The player must open the door to the bar. The teddy bear will be located on one of the tables on the first floor.

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