Call of Duty Black Ops Two Zombie Tranzit Mode Hidden Secret: Bus Upgrades

The Call of Duty Black Ops two zombie Tranzit mode map Green Run is a huge map that is full of many hidden secrets and easter eggs. One of the hidden secrets that has been uncovered is the ability to upgrade the bus. There are three attachments that can be added to the bus. They are the ladder, the emergency exit ladder and the plow.

The each of the three upgrade parts is randomly placed in one of four possible places. All the locations require a power source to open up the doors. The doors are generally opened using a turbine.

The first location is in the room adjacent to the starting room which can be reached through the doors to the right of the workbench. The bus upgrade can be found to the right as you enter the room from the starting area.

The second location is the small shed that is located at the Diner bus stop. It is to the left of the Diner stop area when you are exiting the bus. The bus upgrade can be located in the back left corner of the shed.

The third location is located at the Farm. The bus upgrade is located in the smaller barn that located next to the larger barn.

The forth location is in the town. The room is where the bus upgrade can be found is below Juggernog.

The larger ladder is added to the back left of the bus on the outside and allows players to gain roof access from outside the bus.

The emergency exit ladder is added to the emergency exit in the roof. This allows roof access from inside the bus.

The plow is attached to the front of the bus and makes it so that no zombies can enter through the front window of the bus.

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