Call of Duty Four – Modern Warfare Sniping&hiding

Read how to select weapons that fit you, know what special abilities do guns have and what types of guns to use for different styles of playing, such as sabotaging, sniping or fighting in the open. In part one read about Sniper rifles and hiding techniques.


This legendary Russian sniper rifle is easily comparable to an M21 rifle because they are both semi-auto and inaccurate and both have a 10-round magazine. But this rifle is way more powerful and it shadows the lack of accuracy which this one still has. Due to high power it has a recoil that will hardly let you hit the same place twice fast so you have to shoot to kill with your first bullet. The Dragunov sniper rifle is a bit louder than the M21, but not much, so you can take out enemies without being spotted and heard at medium range. In my opinion, it’s worth 4 stars out of 5 for the power and the support that a sniper can provide for his team with it.


This is a second and the last bolt-action sniper rifle in Call of Duty 4. It’s comparable with the M40A3 due to their similarity of the firing mechanisms. But the R700 is much more powerful than the M40A3. Although it is a very powerful rifle, it is not as accurate as the M40A3 and has only 4 cartridges in the magazine. As the M40A3’s, its firing rate is extremely low, so I give this one 4 out of 5 stars.

Barrett .50

This unique 50 cal bolt-action sniper rifle is the most powerful and heavy weapon in the whole game. It features a nice recoil buffer which helps aiming at targets after a shot and a 10-round clip which is reloaded very slowly because of its heaviness. Using this .50 beast you can kill an enemy hiding practically behind any wall or a car and remain unseen due to the muzzle brake which makes the gun quieter. However, it takes a long time to aim after a shot and the gun doesn’t have the best accuracy. You can’t run very fast and jump very far while carrying this rifle because it’s just incredibly heavy. I personally think this is the best sniper rifle of all and give it 4.5 stars out of 5. I also use it when I’m playing Call of Duty 4 online as my primary weapon.

How to remain unseen after a kill

A killcam is a feature that most snipers hate because their victims can see where they have been shot from. But there is a technique that snipers can use to not reveal their position even with a killcam. When taking a shot, you have to look through your scope and aim only when you’re looking through your scope. So here are the spots to follow to remain unspotted :

1. Aim at your target and wait 1-2 seconds;
2. Shoot your target;
3. After a successful kill, DO NOT turn off your scope and DO NOT move so that it will be almost impossible for your victim to understand where you are. After a few seconds you can continue playing.

Hiding techniques

Every sniper must learn how to hide before learning to shoot. And you have special gear for hiding as well. It is a ghilie suit. With this suit you can remain invisible in grass and near trees. If you want to let the enemy pass by you, don’t move at all. Engage only when the enemy can’t see you otherwise your position will be compromised and your enemies will be onto you. Try to stay in the shadows and away from bright spots. You will usually have to be prone to stay hidden. It is also recommended to change your position after a few shots so that your enemy won’t discover your position while searching for you. Never return to a position where you were killed or spotted once – your enemy will probably check all those spots. Use a silenced weapon (preferably G3, m14, scorpion or other smg) not to be heard and spotted. Always try to assassinate your enemy fast because if you hit him he will realise that you are close and will be trying to find you.

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