Cool Guns From Call of Duty Four in Real Life

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In Nov 5, 2007 Activison studios released an epidemic new 1st shooter game ,called call of duty 4 modern warfare. All call of duty games were nothing compared to the new upcoming release of their new game. Call of duty will change the play of Airsoft sport forever.

The first gun shown is the g36c

the g36c has well been used before desert storm. This gun has mainly been used in special operation by foreign forces. The gun originates in Germany 1996, the Germans needed a new type of weapon that could fire 5.56mm rounds quick and accurately. The gun comes from failed prototypes of previous guns and with trial and error the Germans created a new type of weapon that is agile and has a quick light foldable stock. This gun was a first introduce to me in cod4 {call of duty 4} it looked like a descent gun with a high fire rate. Ever since this gun was shown on call of duty 4 it what the most produce airsoft gun in record history.

The second gun is the p-90

The p90 has been a recently created weapon in 1990 originating in Belgium . The gun was named after its special operation project and was designed for a personal self defense weapon for anti-terrorist use. The p90 futures a 50 round legal magazine. This has been the most popular call of duty gun known . This weapon has really never been known to the people of airsoft. It has been known for its remarkable design with its sleek curves. What interests me about the gun is the fast fire rate and its stunning small appearance. The gun is the same size as 2 basket balls attached to each other. The gun has been the second most produce airsoft weapon on the market.

The second weapon is the .50 cal desert eagle

The desert eagle is the a powerful weapon, and being the only hand weapon on our list. This is a American created weapon IN 1980′S, this is mainly manufactured in Israel. In call of duty the gun features a high recoil and short magazine. This gun is the fourth most produced air soft gun on the market. Also the gun as in the game has a most impressive recoil and flash zone. The most popular airsoft deagel is the co2 power type. making them blowback and exact replica of the actual.

The next gun is the Heckler & Koch G3

The G3 is also a German weapon produced in 1960. This is a remarkable weapon in real and cod4 life. This weapon features a long barrel excellent for sniping and takeout missions. The guns long barel makes i have precise accuracy and fires a 7.62×51mm NATO ammunition. Its a fully automatic and single shot weapon which i have known for a long time. This is the fith on our list of changing airsoft.

Last but not least the barret 50. cal [Barrett M82]

One of the most famous guns in cod4 comes to airsoft. In 1990 the United states release a magnifisant most powerful weapon, the m82.

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  1. Posted November 17, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    WOW! you sure know your guns!

  2. ...i can't believe this
    Posted October 18, 2009 at 11:34 pm

    Top post: equals 1000% sarcasms (I hope)

    Second: I’ve played Airsoft for years and I have Seen these guns WAY BEFORE COD4! COD4 is not a god! turn away from your false idol, and realize that these guns were made popular in airsoft because that’s what some of the ex-military members used in REAL LIFE.

    imagine that, people who actually USE REAL GUNZ!!! OMGZORZ. Don’t worry, with your elite COD skilz and super kool gun knolege, I’m sure you’ll have their respect.

    Note: sarcasms x1,000,000

  3. Posted February 9, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    lol thanks and yes i know , i was sharing the common belief how airsoft companies started to mass produce these guns

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    you can just go on wiki to find info on the stuff lol

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