How to Get Better at Call of Duty Multiplayer/online – Tips & Tricks

A guide on how to improve your Call of Duty multiplayer skills for Modern Warfare One, Two, Three, Black Ops etc. This guide has been tested to work. The writer has gone from being last in online games to the top three.


Getting good at Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1, 2, 3 or Black ops is never easy. I spent hours online building my skills and trust me, it takes a lot more than luck to win a game of call of duty. I’ve searched the depths of the internet for guides and tips and managed to track down the best of the best. With these guides I went from the bottom of the list to coming top 3 in every single game. I win more games than ever and you can too. All it takes is less than $10 and some guides are free!

These guides are NOT mine. I did not make them, I simply found the best of the best and put it all together in this blog. I will guarantee you will become a better COD player in one way or another with the use of these guides. Trust me, I did it. Think of this blog as a resource for improving your Call of Duty Skills than anything else.

These guides include tactical gameplay -this is key- COD is all about the tactics you use. Don’t just run meaninglessly like I did before I saw these guides. Every move must have a purpose! Every step you take must be planned in order for you to become a true pro. The makers of these guides have competed in worldwide tournaments with one of them ranking in the top #10 in the world!

So, here’s my list of guides:

  1. Black Ops Domination Guide - This guide is simple and very easy to use. It provides you with singleplayer tactics where you can practice those skills I talked about and then take them to the online game. Singleplayer is the best place to develop your skills. The guide also has a multiplayer section as well so not to worry. The good thing is, I have tested this guide and the techniques work on all Call of Duty Games – Modern Warfare 3, Modern Warfare 2 etc. So your money is well spent with this purchase. I highly recommend this guide. 10/10
  2. Call of Duty Online Multiplayer Guide – 10/10 – This guide is perfect for all your online COD neeeds. Garunteed to give you a better playing experience.
  3. More coming soon! hit the link above for now. I’m a tad busy these days but I will continue to review those guides for you and get some more added to this list. I ONLY list guides that I have tested to work and worth your $$dollars$$.


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