Cheat Texas Holdem Poker 2012 with Liberty Bot Deluxe

Cheat Texas Holdem Poker 2012 with Liberty Bot Deluxe, revealed all cards.

Liberty Bot Deluxe for Zynga Poker is a bot (robot) program to play Zynga Poker automatically. In the body of this program have been embedded in various machines and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to simplify and get the victory up to 100% (assuming when using the mode God of Gambler).

This software has 4 engine bots with different capabilities. Normal, Professional, High Defense, and God of Gambler mode. Read the details on the software instructions or just click the help button.

Unlike the other bot software. Only Liberty Deluxe Bot that is able to provide assurance “All Cards Revealed” is because this software has a streaming technology that can read the card (Only when using mode God Of Gambler) and capable of displaying cards of all players on the Panel Cards.

For those who love the game Zynga Poker, you can download the file (includes video tutorial inside) below:

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  1. Posted February 9, 2012 at 6:47 am

    tolong berikan kartu pair di setiap room yang marlbhoro duduki

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