Colony of War Hack

Get you Colony of War bot for free. How to hack equipment’s resources and unlock other gadgets in Colony of War.

Colony of war game is a new game released by net games. It is war against fellow humans and other aliens occupying the galaxy.  In this game you can create your own robot and go in for a good fight.

There are no available cheats as of the moment but you can read walkthroughs of the game posted in there forums.

There is also no working bot for Colony of war available as the game is sensitive over bots, but don’t worry it will come.

However, you can get free ncash for colony of war as given by these author:  CLICK HERE

The best thing to cheat is to avail of there offer and enjoy playing the game.  Try also convincing your fellow ally to form a certain style in order that each and everyone of you will be unique.

Hacking on Colony of War maybe done on firefox but there is still no guarantee about it.

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