Counter Strike Source Glitch: The Glock and Famas

A brief explanation of a glitch in CS:S that deals with the Glock and Famas guns.

The Glock in Counter Strike: Source is the default Terrorist pistol and has two modes, Semi-Automatic and Burst-Fire. The famas is a Counter-Terrorist rifle which also has two modes. There are two glitches that can be used to exploit these weapons.

Glitch #1

Hold the Glock out in Semi-Automatic mode. Get ready, you’ll need to hold the “drop weapon” key and right click at the same time. Well, you’re actually pressing drop first and then IMMEDIATELY right clicking. Your Glock will drop to the floor. Now pick it back up. When you shoot it, it should spew out bullets wildly. Be aware, though, that only the first bullet does damage and the rest are just there for show.

Glitch #2

Hold the Glock out in Burst-Fire mode. You’ll need to do the same thing as in Glitch #1. Drop the weapon and IMMEDIATELY right click at the same time, the first being slightly first. Your Glock will, once again, drop to the floor. Pick it up. When you shoot it in Burst-Fire mode, all three bullets will be shot but there will only be one hole in the target. Why is this? All three bullets shot in the exact same spot. This glitch, unlike the first, is very useful. The weapon becomes much more deadly and kills can be made much faster.

Once the round is over, or if you happen to buy a new Glock, the glitch will discontinue working. You just have to follow the steps again. For the famas glitches, simply do the same thing holding a famas.

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  1. Hein Marais
    Posted October 18, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    This is probably why I had so many head shots against me :)

  2. Kiefer
    Posted October 18, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Hah. I’m surprised its not used more often, it can really help people.

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