Damnation Game Review

Damnation Game Review.

Damnation Game Review

This game classified as a vertical shooter in the shooter category is designed to play on PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360 and PC. The game was developed by Blue Omega Entertainment, published by Codemasters, and released on 05/22/2009. The game is based in alternate U.S old times still in civil war. It’s a war between the North and South, that has been going on for some time and there are no signs of coming to an end. This has lead to formation of government-aided gangs.

One assumes the role of Hamilton Rourke, the leader of a group known as Prescott. He has discovered a plot planned by a rival group to overthrow the union and the confederacy to rule the world. Hamilton’s’ role is to stop the take over and it will not be an easy one. However, he is not an ordinary person due to his supernatural ability to read people’s spirits and distinguish a friend and enemy by holstering a weapon over that person. Using the weapon once diminishes the ability to fight an enemy hence high chance of being attacked by the enemy. The game has many jumps hence the vertical levels give it a significant play mode. Completion of one level pens up routes and tougher levels ahead. The game has no map to guide the player and one must work out the town plan traditionally. It is highly possible for the player to get lost in the city but the games’ objective is one to find themselves out of the town.

The game has the option of one plating as a third party person, it is also a multiplayer game with an option of up to eight players at a time. There are online and local co-op versions of the game that have deathmatch, capture the flag, team deathmatch and king of the hill staples included. On the lighter side, the game has an excellent look, it also has variety of weapons at ones disposal giving the player complete control of the entire game. It also has good graphics that make the player feel fully in control of the game. Many will not be happy with the option of not having a map in the game, many people have got used to be guided by the map therefore the lack of map in the game will be a negative compared to other games that have maps

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