Dead Island

Pro’s and Con’s.

This is an all around great zombie game to all zombie lovers out there. The awesome game play and free roam allow for you to choose whether to follow the story line or just absent mindlessly kill zombies with a rusty crowbar or a rifle. Also you are not stuck with the same skills and health. As the game progresses so do you. Through the skill try you can upgrade your person and their unique skills. Probably the most beneficially part is the ability to jump in and out of co-op. Allowing others to help you on missions can come of use very often in this game as you are always outnumbered or outmatched.

            Of course this game does not come without negatives. The voice-overs in this game are very cheesy and repetitive which can get quiet annoying. You of course can always mute them and just leave the sound of the growling bloodthirsty zombies though. Also at times in the game it glitches up and leaves a zombie unable to move until you kill it, this can be convenient and I have only seen it happen twice out of many hours of playing. Also there are some unrealistic parts such as throwing a stick at a propane tank and it explodes, who knew. This is just a game of course so all things are possible.

            Overall though this is a very well made game and it was worth all $50. 

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  1. Samuel
    Posted June 8, 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Dead Island is an awesome game. I play it often. I would like to suggest one more game zombie pandemic Its a Browser Base game, so no need to install anything and it’s really great for time pass. It has cool missions. I play it whenever I got break at work :) .

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