Dead Space 3 Single Player Xbox 360 Review

Isaac Clarke’s story continues for the last time this console generation and this time he’s bringing a friend.

Then there’s the controls…… sigh. Dead Space 3 has 90% of the same controls as Dead Space 2 with two new additions. First the left bumper or L2 button is now used to make Isaac roll in any direction. Yes Isaac Clarke can now do a barrel roll. Secondly the R3 button or the button on the right stick when clicked is used to crouch and when pressed continuously leads you to the next checkpoint.

The crouch and roll mechanics are meant to be the primary functions used in these shooter sections which make up about 5% of the total game and they work horribly. Unlike a game like Killzone 2 where crouching allows you to stick to cover and peek out to shoot at enemies. In Dead Space 3 crouching is more of a duck and cover tactic. It won’t save you from incoming fire, it’ll just soften the hailstorm of bullets. You don’t stick to cover organically, meaning you will have to fumble about as Danik’s men take potshots at you. Thankfully, the shooter sections of Dead Space 3 are few and far between. Plus most of the shooter sections are interrupted by Necromorphs who proceed to attack your enemies and kill them in horrific ways. Their inclusion in the game is unnecessary and a by-product of the Co-op system.

Another by product are several sections which do away with long winding corridors and choke points where enemies can pile on you. Rather Dead Space 3 is filled with open areas where there is usually a predictable onslaught of 12 to 20 enemies at once. The inclusion of open areas in the game also brings about recycled environments in certain missions. While it is understandable that a government outpost would have similar structures and little in the way of variety. Some of the environments feel like they are mirror images of rooms you were in 15 minutes before. It’ll have the same equipment, the same door placement, even the same colour scheme. This can at times cause confusion if you don’t rely on your suits navigation.

In addition to this Dead Space 3 also brings back annoying story elements from the first Dead Space where you would reach an objective only to find a scripted event causing you to take the long way around. This happens quite a number of times in Dead Space 3 including a ridiculous scene where you can’t reach a destination because a ladder breaks on you as you are climbing it. Let me preface, a ladder breaks causing you to come crashing to the ground after an NPC and John Carver have already used it, meaning you have to take the long way around just because well … just because… sigh.

Liked it
  1. NMM
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    I was hoping it’d be a bit better, but still, as a fan that’s good enough for me to get it and I’ll still probably enjoy it immensely for the overall experience.

    Do the suits look that bad? I’ve seen some concept art of them that looks good. I know they’re designed very differently due too their practical aspect against the weather on Tau Volantis.

    For the gun-wielding necromorph I’m wondering if I understand your wording right. Are you saying the design and mythology of it works well but doesn’t work in a combat aspect?

  2. Rob
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Good review. This review is pretty much what ive been expecting from dead space 3. And just as i thought the new additions only served to make the game worse for real fans of the franchise by changing the atmosphere, feel, pace, and environments of the game to accommodate these pointless additions that dont suit the game at all and no one wanted. But being such a huge fan of the franchise im still happy to be getting more to play. Its too bad they had to screw with such a good formula even more than in DS2 just to try and appeal to new players that probably wont be gained because these changes anyway.

  3. Posted February 4, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Obviously design is a subjective thing but the suits look like they took the metallic exoskeleton of the first two games and put different colored cloth on them. I really wasn’t a fan and its a far departure from the design philosophy of the first two.

    In terms of the gun wielding necromorphs, that’s exactly correct. It works in concept but in practice feels off putting. I had to think about the concept before I came to accept it. When acceptance is forced it takes you out of the game world.

    It’s not a bad game, it just has some WTF elements that really shouldn’t exist, especially given the level of talent that’s been on display in the past. The series definitely deserved a better send off but what we get is a fun experience nonetheless.

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