Dead Space 3 Single Player Xbox 360 Review

Isaac Clarke’s story continues for the last time this console generation and this time he’s bringing a friend.

Gameplay wise if you disregard some of the open areas and shooter sections, the game is pure Dead Space. There are fantastic set pieces, great story moments and awesome enemy encounters. Much of the story progresses perfectly and has some great moments that truly befit the series. The primary villain of the series, Danik, isn’t as memorable as previous games but does the job admirably well. The game also offers a much needed resolution to the series answering some much needed questions. Plus you get to battle a planetary body, which I know is a spoiler but is just so cool it has to be mentioned.

Graphically the game has the same fidelity as Dead Space 2. While I’ve only played the Xbox 360 version, I’m sure the PS3 version runs just as capably and the PC version will bring various resolution and lighting improvements. If you’ve played Dead Space 2 on either of these consoles you’ll know what to expect from Dead Space 3. There are some minor improvements in lighting and textures but the game mostly looks the same. The character models however seem to have regressed in detail somewhat though the change is not noticeable unless you look too closely. Overall, the game looks and plays greats at a solid frame rate throughout. Keep an eye out as well for the fantastic particle effects from the different weapons you create as they are really things of beauty.

The sound in this game is unparalleled. Whether you are playing in stereo or surround Dead Space 3 does an amazing job of bringing you straight into the action and immersing you in this world. The music is recycled from previous entries with a few new additions that are quite memorable in their own right. The voice acting is superb throughout despite the stilted dialogue and Gunner Wright brings his best performance to date.     


Dead Space 3 is not the fitting end to the trilogy gamers wanted from Visceral games but that does not mean it doesn’t hold its true form underneath. Dead Space 3 is bogged down by questionable design decisions and a wholly unnecessary Co-op mode which doesn’t add anything to the story except to aggravate the player. Despite its faults I can’t help but recommend this game if you are a Dead Space fan and while the Co-op mode does take away from its survival horror elements, there isn’t anything inherently broken with it, making a working if unneeded addition. Looking past these issues, there is an amazing game underneath which definitely deserves your attention and while not as good as its prequels, definitely lives up to the Dead Space name.

Final Verdict:

8 out of 10

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  1. NMM
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    I was hoping it’d be a bit better, but still, as a fan that’s good enough for me to get it and I’ll still probably enjoy it immensely for the overall experience.

    Do the suits look that bad? I’ve seen some concept art of them that looks good. I know they’re designed very differently due too their practical aspect against the weather on Tau Volantis.

    For the gun-wielding necromorph I’m wondering if I understand your wording right. Are you saying the design and mythology of it works well but doesn’t work in a combat aspect?

  2. Rob
    Posted February 3, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    Good review. This review is pretty much what ive been expecting from dead space 3. And just as i thought the new additions only served to make the game worse for real fans of the franchise by changing the atmosphere, feel, pace, and environments of the game to accommodate these pointless additions that dont suit the game at all and no one wanted. But being such a huge fan of the franchise im still happy to be getting more to play. Its too bad they had to screw with such a good formula even more than in DS2 just to try and appeal to new players that probably wont be gained because these changes anyway.

  3. Posted February 4, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Obviously design is a subjective thing but the suits look like they took the metallic exoskeleton of the first two games and put different colored cloth on them. I really wasn’t a fan and its a far departure from the design philosophy of the first two.

    In terms of the gun wielding necromorphs, that’s exactly correct. It works in concept but in practice feels off putting. I had to think about the concept before I came to accept it. When acceptance is forced it takes you out of the game world.

    It’s not a bad game, it just has some WTF elements that really shouldn’t exist, especially given the level of talent that’s been on display in the past. The series definitely deserved a better send off but what we get is a fun experience nonetheless.

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