Devil May Cry Demo Impression

The first Devil May Cry from developer Ninja Theory sees a troubled Dante with a different origin and re-imagined gameplay and storyline elements.

Devil May Cry is the fifth game in the long running Devil May Cry series developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom. The series was created by famed director Hideo Kamiya, who was also responsible for several other Capcom hits such as Resident Evil and Viewtiful Joe.

This Devil May Cry marks the first time Capcom has trusted the franchise to an outside studio. Ninja Theory is a western studio known for its Playstation 3 launch title Heavenly Sword and its most recent title Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, this Devil May Cry is not the same DMC fans have known since its Playstation 2 inception. If you’ve watched the trailer and have found yourself outraged, sickened and possibly disgusted by the new direction, you will not like this demo and possibly the main game no matter what. Keeping that in mind you’re better off trying the demo for yourself as the tone of the series has taken a radical shift. For the others who are more open to what the new title might offer, the game might be worth trying out.

First off, if you’re expecting DMC to respect the storyline established by the previous games, you would be severely mistaken. Dante may still be the primary character but the world around him is a very Gothic and abstract reality. Gone is the cool and suave character we’ve known for years and replacing him is Shia Lebouf with an attitude. The immense change in personality is not pretty, neither is the dialogue which is missing much of the witty banter from games past and consists of lines imitating Tarantino but never really reaching that level of complexity or charm.

The setting is the dystopian present where demons have taken over the world by limiting freedoms and merchandising. A terrorist group similar to the real life Anonymous seeks to liberate the population from these demon forces. Dante is invited into the organization by his brother Vergil to kill the big bad who is responsible for everything. Al l of this is being done while a world that sees them as terrorists is trying to hunt them down.

Vergil tells Dante of his origins, since he does not seem to have any idea of who he is. What follows is the usual story told in the previous DMC games with one distinction. Dante and Vergil are not half human, half demon rather they are half angel, half demon; Nephilim. This means they are the only ones capable of killing the big bad. Why Vergil needs Dante or hasn’t killed the demons himself isn’t explained either, given that this is a demo I can let that slide. All of this is shown through some quick expositionary cutscenes in the beginning of the demo.

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