Diablo Three News: The Epic Battle – Warlock Tier One vs.. King of Skeleton

And Video "Black Soulstone" won an award from the Visual Effects Society Awards.

The epic battle – Warlock Tier 1 vs. King of skeleton

In the absence of opportunities to see all the content in the Diablo 3 beta-version of the game got to PTA users entertain themselves as they can. One of them fought the final boss PTA - Skeleton King character in the Level 1 class Witch Doctor. More of the hero created no equipment, not to use potions and use only one skill – Poison Dart.

Videos with this feat can be viewed on YouTube, although the stand about 20 minutes rather monotonous process will not be easy.

Video “Black Soulstone” won an award from the Visual Effects Society Awards

Blizzard Cinematics Team won the tenth The Visual Effects Society Awards with her video “Black Soulstone” in the category of visual effects, game trailers and commercials. This is one of 23 prizes, awarded in this event.

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