Dirt Three Review

My thoughts…

Dirt 3 is a very fun addicting racing game. The graphics are beautiful and the sounds are amazing as well. The controls dont only feel realistic but they’re very fun on their own. The menu after being redesigned every Dirt game seems to finally be right as it looks very nice and HDified. Their are a lot more cars than Dirt 2 but their still is a lack of customizationability but in all honesty I dont thin the Dirt series needs any customization. Also there are many different fun modes along with multiplayer, Dirt Tour and other fun arcade type game modes. The gameplay is very easy at least on the easy level which shouldnt really be a suprise for a racing game and unlinke many other games the beginning of the singleplayer modes are very action packed with a lot of things unlocking and becoming available.

I dont think this game is very much money anymore and I definatley suggest buying this if you have the itch to play a racing game. I’d rate Dirt 3 at 9/10.

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