Drag Racing Android Cheats

Drag Racing Android game tips and cheats.

Drag Racing is the most stunning car racing game; you can select your racing car from more than 100 different model cars. The most cooling feature of Drag racing is its realistic controls and vibration which give you a real fun!

You can also challenge other car racers for a challenging race, there are more than 10K online car racers are all time available for this game, by beating other car racers you can win free credits and awards. Drag racing android app cheats are also available on various websites; most of the users apply these cheating codes to win the race. Beside these cheat codes there are various other tips and cool tricks that help you to boost your performance.

After winning 18 races at Drag Racing game you can upgrade your car engine and participate in high level challenging racing competitions. You can tune Honda S2000, Veyron SS, BMW M6, Ford Shelby GT500, BMW M3 E92 and Ford Mustang BOSS 429 up to level 4. After completing level 4 you cannot apply any trick or cheat code to tune up your cars.

Drag Racing Tips:

Always test a new car before purchasing it and do not raise your car cost at single level. Try to defeat bosses before applying for Pro League competition.

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