Dragon Nest SEA Registration, Finally Fixed

Finally, new players can now sign-up for a new account in Dragon Nest SEA. It took them a couple of days to fix it but what’s important is that it’s finally working again.

These couple of days, even more, registering or signing up for a new Dragon Nest SEA account via CherryCredits was impossible because of an unknown system error. Hundreds, if not thousands, of new players who were looking forward to play this very popular game failed to play it because of this one particular error. Before it was fixed, the registration page would always display this error, “Oops, we are currently experiencing some system error. Please try again later”.

This particular error was preventing a lot of new players from signing-up for a new Dragon Nest SEA account. It is quite obvious that the publisher of Dragon Nest SEA is losing a lot of new players in the process and because of that they were losing money as well. Unfortunately, they were not able to fix it immediately. It took them a couple of days to finally fix the registration error encountered by many players.

Today, I tried to create a new account just to test if the registration process is fixed and I’m glad to report that it is now finally working. I was able to register a couple of new accounts without encountering any kind of system errors. So, if you had problems registering before then I suggest that you try registering now before a new error appears. A popular MMO or game like Dragon Nest will never be free any kind of errors because of the number of people or players accessing it.

Dragon Nest is an action oriented MMORPG and it is published in the SEA region by CherryCredits. Players from around the Southeast Asian region should play in the servers provided by CherryCredits. By the way, Dragon Nest SEA is in English.

So, if you would like to play Dragon Nest SEA then simply visit the official Dragon Nest SEA website and register for a new account. Go ahead and register, it should be working now. Click here to go to Dragon Nest SEA website.

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