Farmville 2: How to Get 1000 Farm Bucks and 5000 Coins for Free

Farmville two items such as Farm Bucks and Coins are crucial to keep up the game at a certain speed. Learn how to get 1000 Bucks and 5000 Coins for free!

As of writing, Farmville2 is hands down the most played Zynga game.

Whilst is debatable that Farmville 2 is better than the original Farmville, the matter of fact is that now over 60Millions of users are actively playing the game!

And most of them are in need of items such as Coins, Energy, Farm Bucks, Water, Fertilizers etc…

The web is literally stuffed with hundreds of websites giving away few items, but in most cases it’s all about 2-3 items per click, meaning you need to click a lot to stack up an amount of items that could be erally useful to the game (many missions require dozens of single items).

This website provides a code to redeeem:

  • 1000 Farm Bucks
  • 5000 Coins

And this is absolutely for FREE, meaning no surveys and hidden tricks as such.

They do not ask any personal info and in most cases the code delivery is very quick.

Only limitation: just 1 code per person (=IP Address) is available.

Click here to get your code.

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