FIFA 12 – Top Five Strikers

In this guide I will show you the top five Strikers for Fifa 12 Ultimate Team, and the rest of the game in general.

I will also show a price range of the player, which is subject to change with the market. All players are ranked from my own personal views, if you have any comments to be afraid to message me, or comment below.

5. Falcao – Falcao plays for Atletico Madrid in the Liga BBVA. Falcao is an all round good striker. He has good pace and a fairly decent dribbling stat. Although not the tallest player, Falcao can still score goals with his head, as he has 88 heading. Average Price 7000-8000 coins.

4. Doumbia – Doumbia plays for CSKA Moscow in the Russian League. Doumbia is one of the fastest players in the game, with an incredible 94 pace! He literally tears apart the opponents defences and can easily score with his great finishing. Average Price 2000-3000 coins.

3. Lukaku – Lukaku plays for Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League. Lukaku is an amazing striker. The two main stats that shine out from him are his strength (94!) and his pace (86). With 4 star skills, Lukaku is also a good skiller, because if you lose the ball with him, he can easily get it back almost knocking down anyone in his path. Average Price 1000-2000 coins.

2. Abel Hernandez – Hernandez plays Palermo in the Serie A. Hernandez has some very good stats for how cheap he is. Some of the stats however don’t always tell the truth. For example, his shooting stat is only 71, but it feels more like 85+ as he has so much power and can easily find the net. Hernandez has 90 pace and can decimate any defence. Average Price 900-1200 coins. Bargain.

1. Pato – Pato plays for Milan in the Serie A. Coming in at number 1 is Alexandre Pato. Pato is all round the best striker in the game, who is quite easily affordable. With 87 pace and 5 Star Skills he will get you tons of goals, as he can combine these stats with his 85 dribbling. He also has incredible long shots and his shooting is excellent. Although not the cheapest striker you can get, I would say he is very much worth every coin you spend on him, if you have the money, definitely pick him up. Average Price 27500-32500 coins.

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