Finding Wolves – Minecraft

Having difficulty finding Wolves? Maybe this will push you in the right direction.

Wolves were added to Minecraft in the 1.4 Beta Update. They are very rare to find. I myself have found 6 wolves within 30minutes of searching which is pretty good and I’d like to show you how I did that and a few tips on how you can increase your chances.

A few facts about Wolves:

When wild, wolves will deal half a heart to a heart damage, they might randomly attack sheep but won’t attack you. Tamed wolves have a damage of two hearts, when you hit something your wolves will kill them for you. You can check its hp count by its tail, if its tail is low its on low health, get a porkchop and right click it on the wolf to heal it once tamed. It will take a few tries to tame a wolf with a bone, make sure you take plenty of bones with you on your wolf hunt. They don’t drop anything upon dying. If you like farming a wolf won’t damage your crops. If you shoot yourself with an arrow, bam, the wolves will come after you.

First off Wolves only spawn in Forests or Taiga. Don’t even bother searching in deserts, you’re wasting your time and try to stay in open, plain lands of grass with lots of trees. In my previous experience I set a forest fire and logged back on a while later to see a few wolves spawn there. They can spawn in packs of 1-8, you must be really lucky if you find 8 at once.

Turn your sound on, I found mostof my wolfs due to sound, I could hear them from far away and then track them down. Upon finding a wolf, right click your bones on it till hearts appear. Don’t presume the wolf is tamed if you used a bone on it and no hearts appear. I had bad times thinking that it was tamed.

Wolves won’t eat bread, unlucky for the people who have wheat farms and/or too much wheat. Wolves really like to hide near trees, press F3 to check if somethings around by seeing any number codes. Also again, have your sound on. I found alot of wolves because of the fact that I followed forests into forests and got lucky with the amount per area.

Thats pretty much all, its pretty basic and easy to follow, this is the easiest way to find wolves from this current moment, other ways may be better but might not be known yet!

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