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A short review on the Valve Corporation’s free multiplayer coop action game, called Alien Swarm. Great game conception – short presentation.

Alien Swarm Review

Publisher: Valve Corporation                  Type: Multiplayer, coop action
Date of release: 19th July 2010

About the game:

The Game, Alien Swarm is available to download trough Steam for free of charge since its release date 19th July 2010. This tactical 4 player coop action game, powered by the Source engine provides a fantastic amusement opportunity for those who like playing action games online.

In the game we are plunged into an off-world colony overrun by aliens; similar to those in Paul Verhoeven’s movie, Starship Troopers. As part of a 4 man team we have to fight trough different missions, killing as many bugs as possible and completing the defined objectives.

Choosing your equipment:

Every team member is allowed to carry 3 items, 2 main weapons and one special item. Main weapons are the guns you normally kill the aliens with like assault rifles etc. but if you choose to bring an ammo/healing crate with you then you have to sacrifice one of these slots. Depending on the current mission you have to decide whether you want to take 2 main guns or some extra ammo.

The third gear slot is the “special item” this could be a welder, armour, grenades etc.

Of course there are more and more items as you advance level.

The team:

Each of the marines: Officer, Special Weapons, Medic and Tech marine have their own specific job in the team and in the mission too.

The Officer is equipped with a close-quarter shotgun; he coordinates the team and succeeds in close combat.

Special Weapons marines equipped with big “autoguns” are there for firepower and for suppressing the waves of bugs. They ofter carry stationary weapons which can be deployed if needed to cover the team.

Medics are very useful on the battlefield since they can heal you after you have been wounded in the face of battle. They come with assault rifles later on you can change this to a flamethrower or any other gun, but you might want to keep your second “weapon slot” free to carry a med pack or a medic gun that heals your teammates.

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