Gears of War Exile Cancelled

The Project that many were unaware of.

Although the name Exile might sound foreign to you, do not feel left out in the dark. I did not even know there was a Gears of War Exile in development. Well that is to say, it WAS in development. The game was supposed to be a new Gears of War that focused on kinect features more than ever. The primary goal of it was to put you in the eyes of a Gear, so that would mean it is in first person. Having ANY game with kinect-only features does not sound like a good idea to me. Even though I don’t have a Kinect, I just generally dislike moving around when playing video games. That is one of the reasons I have yet to get very far in Zelda Skyward Sword!

Now many people are still probably asking why a new game for Gears of War was going to be made when they were told the series was over. Epic never actually said the Gears of War universe was over, all they said was that the story of Delta is over. This will most likely mean new spinoff games like a strategy game or something like what Exile was supposed to be like. While not much information was known on Exile, many gamers assumed that it would take place during the Pendulum Wars which took place before the Locust invasion. Most people that say that do not know much about the story of Gears of War. The Pendulum Wars was a human on human war and Epic has already said no to the idea of human versus human. The idea of a story where you have a chainsaw bayonet against humans would be way too grotesque.

Now that there are no new Gears of War games on the way and the Gears 3 season pass is completed, Epic has time to work on something new. They could continue to work on future DLC for Gears 3 if fans demand it or they can begin work on other projects. Epic has already announced that they are working on a new multi-console game called Fortnight but little detail has been given on that. What do you think Epic will release next?

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