Gears of War Three Secret Cheats

A few tips on how to unlock the secret cheats of Gears of War 3.

The following information is to help player unlock these cheats for easier gameplay.

These cheatcodes are called mutators. They allow players to alter gameplay by altering the fighting style. Some allow players to kill enemies faste, others are for jokes, and some are just plain stupid. Here is a list of all the available mutators in Gears of War 3, and how to unlock them. I hope this helps everyone this post is available to and remember Have fun!

Big Head mutator – Complete 1,000 waves of Horde

Headless Chicken mutator – Available at the start of the game.

Friendly Fire mutator – Complete campaign with four players.

Must Active Reload mutator – Complete 2,500 active reloads.

Pinata mutator – Collect 500,000 tokens in Beast mode.

Big Explosions mutator – Use the boomshot to score multiple kills from over 200ft.

Laugh Track mutator – Play every game type available in Gears of War 3, including Arcade mode.

Instagib Melee mutator – Score 200 kills with the Wretch in Beast mode.

Flower Blood mutator – Score 200,000 kills in Arcade mode.

Vampire mutator – Score the most executions in a match online.

Comet mutator – Unlock the First Blood ribbon 1,000 times in online versus.

Enemy Regeneration mutator – Complete 150 chapter in Arcade mode.

No Ammo Pickups mutator – Available at start of game.

Infinite Ammo mutator – Unlock the combat engineer ribbon 100 times.

Super Active Reload mutator – Unlock the bronze master at arms medal.

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