Gem Tower Defense Special Combinations

Here are all of the gem tower defense combinations.

There are a lot of different combinations that are useful at many ways for the gem tower defense.

At the beginning don’t try to get all the gem specials just try to make some passages with the rocks to make the enemies slow down taking different ways and after some long time you can start upgrading your towers. Something you never need to do is put a lot of poison tower because at the end they wont be so effective.

I don’t really know what they all do but I know that the Uranium makes your enemies go slower and takes them damage at the same time. The giant dark green gem has a 12.5% of stunning an enemy for 1.5 seconds and has good damage too. The favorite gem for me is the red gem that looks like a ball because it has a good rof (rate of fire), has good damage and it attacks multiple targets.

I got this chart from so if you want to play and see this chart at the same time just go to this page and play.

Yes I forgot to tell you. It is sometimes a challenging game for some people so just start at easy and then keep on going until you win extreme or survival.


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